Artificial Intelligence has recorded a death metal music album.

The fact that artificial intelligence is able to writepictures and create music, today you will not surprise anyone. Moreover, it turns out that the AI ​​is quite good. Recall the recent release of the album in the style of pop, where all the music was created using a neural network. But this time we have some good news for fans of “heavier music”, namely, in the black metal genre. After all, now you can listen to or download from the official site an album called Coditany of Timeness, which was written by artificial intelligence.

At first glance, the album Coditany of Timenessnothing particularly stands out among the hundreds of other albums in its genre. But this is only until you realize that no musician was involved in the creation of these music tracks. No guitars, drums or vocalists were used during his recording. It was created as part of the Dadabots project, which is led by musicians, as well as by researchers in the field of artificial intelligence CJ Carr and Zak Zukowski. They use the highly modified SampleRNN algorithm to create music.

For training the neural network was usedThe music of the New York-based black metal group Krallice and their album "Diotima". The tracks from the album were broken into tiny pieces and fed to the neural network. This is how artificial intelligence mastered a new genre for itself, felt music and learned how to create its own unique compositions based on it. The training was as follows: the neural network listened to the fragment and tried to guess which fragment would be next. If she guessed correctly, it reinforced her confidence that she was moving in the right direction.

At first, artificial intelligence is justgenerated random sounds. The authors of the project claim that it was rather difficult to listen to it due to the excessive texture and grotesqueness of such music. It took more than three days and five million training cycles for the music to really begin to resemble the black metal genre. The more the system was trained, the more recognizable the compositions created by it became. The resulting album consists of only five tracks, which the musicians from Dafabots are very proud of. They plan to continue to create albums of various genres and release them on a weekly basis. Listen to music at this link.