Artificial intelligence has learned to play poker successfully.

As the famous saying goes, “when playinggambling always wins the casino. " In the case of online casinos, it is often not even the casino that wins, but special bots, “trained” on certain tactics and not aware of fatigue, but, as you know, progress does not stand still, and two groups of scientists independently decided to raise the bar. above. They teach artificial intelligence systems to play poker, which are already making significant strides.

For the development are scientists from the universityAlberta, Charles University and the Czech Technical University, which created a system called DeepStack AI. Their AI learns to play one of the most common types of poker - Texas Hold'em. During the test, DeepStack AI played 44,852 deals against 33 professional players, members of the International Poker Federation, from all over the world. In the course of all games, the AI ​​showed the result of a success of 492 mbb / g (milli-big-blinds per game). It should be said that quite experienced players consider the indicator in the region of 100 mbb / g to be quite high.

The second such system is based onCarnegie Mellon University and received the name Libratus. Libatrus is now preparing to play in one of the largest casinos in the city of Pittsburgh. AI from scientists at Carnegie Mellon University will play for 20 days, and in the course of this he will have to play about 120,000 games. If Libratus shows the same high results as DeepStack AI, you should forget about visiting the online casino even for the most avid players. Although scientists are not going to earn extra money with their inventions, sooner or later such technologies will become available and dishonest for the players.