Artificial Intelligence from Photoshop recognizes retouched images (2 photos)

Modern technologies allow you to changephotos of a person beyond recognition, while you can change emotions, make the appearance more attractive or, conversely, repulsive. All this creates a huge scope for creating fake content, defaming or glorifying famous people.

Fight with this kind of "improvements" portraitsAdobe, the developer of Photoshop’s most popular digital photo editing application, decided. The company is testing the recognition of changes performed by retouchers using the Liquify function used in Photoshop to “refine” the oval and facial expression. In the experimental tool, elements of machine learning of a person are used to automate the process of detecting interference with a photographic portrait.

Artificial intelligence was trained withusing a database of photos, including images before and after editing using Photoshop. In parallel, the same work was done by people. The results showed an unconditional victory of the AI. A person recognizes photoshop only in 53% of cases, while the program sees 99% of edited portraits.

One of the benefits of AI is the ability torestore the photo to its original format. True, while the technology does not give the perfect result, but is a promising part of the project. The whole project is currently at the testing stage, but it has great commercial prospects in view of the appearance of a huge number of edited photos that carry inaccurate information.

Source: Adobe