Artificial intelligence draws pictures using the Jordan curve (video)

Modern computers using artificial intelligence, in addition to solving purely technical problems, are able to show creative abilities, mastering various forms of visual arts.

Specialists of the high-tech company TataConsultancy Services Limited (TCS) from India trained a neural network in the art of creating portraits using the Jordan Curve - a simple line that starts and ends at a single point and never intersects. Researchers at TCS Robotics Lab have created artificial intelligence that, based on Jordan's theorem, is able to create a variety of images in an extremely short time.

A neural network called Chitrakar (casteartists in Nepal) is able to analyze and transform into a graphic drawing from the Jordan curve, any image, up to photographs. After analyzing the image, the AI ​​transfers the image transformed into the Jordan line onto a sheet of paper using a robotic arm imitating the artist's hand. A drawing with a decent resolution can be completed in less than 30 minutes, which is impossible to do by hand.