Artificial Intelligence diagnoses a heart attack by breathing (3 photos)

Timely determination of start timeA heart attack can save a person’s life by providing a timely call for medical professionals. Researchers from the United States have created a system that provides early prediction of an approaching heart attack on human altered respiration.

The most characteristic sign of the approachingattack may be the appearance of agonal respiration. It is the change in the frequency and depth of breathing that analyzes the algorithm proposed by experts from the University of Washington, and based on preliminary training, predicts an increased risk of heart attack and signals the need to take urgent measures.

In the future, the algorithm can be integrated withvoice assistants and smartphones that will provide the ability to quickly respond to problems and cause qualified professionals in case of heart problems. Diagnostics using the algorithm takes only 10-20 seconds, and the accuracy of recognition of agonal breathing is 97%.