Artificial intelligence beat poker professionals (video)

You will not be surprised by anyoneartificial intelligence in the gaming industry. However, experts from Facebook AI Research were able to create a unique AI for the game of poker, able to bluff at the level inaccessible to humans. As a result, the new development “Pluribus” has become the absolute winner, beating the 12 best players in the world, including the current champion Darren Elias.

According to the developer, “Pluribus” is impossiblebeat as he uses an aggressive bluff strategy for the sake of the bluff itself. In the AI ​​value system, the desire to cheat itself becomes more important than winning the poker game.

During training with their counterparts“Pluribus” came to the conclusion that the long-term strategy is ineffective and to win it is enough to calculate only 2-3 moves of the opponent, but at the same time it is godless to bluff. Such a strategy allowed “Pluribus” to become the ultimate poker champion.