Artificial intelligence and drones will allow to monitor the farms at the micro level

Farmers have long been using drones for tracking.for the state of the fields and even for watering plants, but there is no limit to perfection. SeeTree has figured out how to increase their usefulness - it has created a network that will help farmers monitor their farms at the microscopic level. In particular, the owners will be able to prevent tree diseases and increase yields, finding out which areas lack moisture and other conditions for proper growth with high yields.

Monitoring the condition of the plants has become creating a connection between unmanned aerial vehicles and sensors located on the ground. The devices will be able to exchange information on soil acidity, the level of illumination of certain areas, humidity and other indicators that are important for plant health. Subsequently, this information is sent to the platform with artificial intelligence, which assesses the state of the plots and identifies problems that need to be solved.

For example, artificial intelligence cancalculate yields and point out trees that are important to replace. Based on the number of fruits and their maturity, the system can make a harvest schedule. The system has already been tested in Brazilian citrus plots and has helped stop the spread of a bacterial disease that paints fruits in an unhealthy green color. To do this, the system pointed to potentially infected trees and pointed to the area in which it was necessary to spray pesticides.

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The founder of SeeTree Israel Talpaz shared thatsoil composition and other factors can affect yield, even in small areas. During testing, many clusters of painful trees were found, and areas where strong trees grew with weak trees were also observed.

It is believed that the use of artificialintelligence will significantly increase the productivity of farms. Also, the owners will get rid of unnecessary work and concentrate only on the work that is guaranteed to bring results.

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