Art Deco Pocket Printer

Portable printers are in trend now:you can print a photo from your phone at any time, others allow you to quickly rivet labels, on others you can even print stickers (a childhood dream).

Usually mini-printers do not stand out in any way in design and resemble trivial computer peripherals, but there are also more unique models that can surprise with their appearance.

These pocket printers include NIIMBOTB21, which stands out among its electronic counterparts with its stained glass look. The device does not look like a modern device, but like a typewriter straight from the 30s - 50s in the art deco style.

NIIMBOT B21 is available in several colors: red and green, there are also golden and silver blotches on decorative elements.

The device is controlled from a smartphone via Bluetooth, there is no ink in the printer itself, which allows it to be worn anywhere and any way. NIIMBOT B21 is powered by thermal printing technology.

The printer can print labels, greeting messages, QR codes. The device will not come in handy for everyone, but, probably, an interested audience will be delighted.

It is not known how long this baby will last, but if it breaks, it can take a place on the shelf and please the eye with its unusual appearance.