Armenia launched its first satellite into Earth orbit

Armenia sent its first satellite into the Earth's orbit. It became part of the payload of the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle, which launched from the pad at Cape Canaveral in Florida on May 25.

“Armenia enters the era of space activity”,- quotes the source of the word Pashinyan. According to available data, the implementation of the project to put the satellite into orbit was carried out by the joint efforts of the Armenian state enterprise "Geocosmos" and the Spanish company Satlantis. The prime minister also noted that all decisions concerning this device were made secretly, so the public did not know about the upcoming launch.

According to Pashinyan, by the end of 2023 in ArmeniaA satellite control center will be organized, on the basis of which a team of specialists will be formed. The photographs taken by the launched satellite are planned to be used for border control, prevention and elimination of emergencies, as well as environmental protection.