Arlo Ultra - surveillance camera with 4K, siren and searchlight (8 photos)

Arlo Ultra - very high quality wirelessSurveillance camera capable of shooting in 4K-resolution. The device was released by the manufacturer in America in January. Now it will be relatively widespread in stores of other countries.

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The main advantage of the device isthe ability to capture video in 4K and FullHD. Field of view development reaches 180 degrees. The picture is very clear, without loss of quality increases with the display of the smallest details (for example, the faces of people or car numbers). Also, the gadget received night vision, and the intellectual function of computer vision detects and automatically directs and focuses on objects that move. Microphone with noise reduction and background filtering allows you to have a distinct two-way conversation with visitors.

The Arlo Ultra has an integrated spotlight andsiren. The latter will be able to illuminate the desired areas with light, as well as flash brightly and quickly, and signal loudly when suspicious movements or sounds are detected. Both functions can be launched manually using a special application. This option will be useful if the user sees something not noticed by the device.

For $ 400 you can buy a basica complete set only from the Ultra camera with annual access to the Arlo service, which stores all materials received by the camera. There are many other kits, selected taking into account the features of the protected object.