Arctic refuge on Spitsbergen for open source software (2 photos + video)

Developing high-tech devices andhigh technology, mankind seeks to create an increasingly reliable repository of acquired knowledge in the event of an unforeseen situation of a global catastrophe, colloquially called the apocalypse. They took care of the safety of open source software in GitHub, a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. In the far north, on the island of Svalbard, the first of several repositories of the best software created by mankind was created in a spent coal mine.

The main reasons for choosing Svalbard inthe location of the island, the low number of permanent residents, the low likelihood of seismic activity and, of course, the cold, which provides ideal storage conditions, are the quality of the storage location. It is these advantages that previously prompted the creation of a Global Seed Repository in this area.

During a tour of the first vaultThe software for the post-apocalyptic society CEO of GitHub showed a spacious cave in which an ordinary metal safe is installed inside of which plastic containers with microfilm are placed. Viewing information from the film is available with an ordinary magnifying glass and does not require servers, electricity or flash drives, which may not work in the event of a global catastrophe and also quickly fail.

A special film has been developed for this project,which Piql AS from Norway was involved in. The film has high strength and is equipped with a special coating of iron oxide. Guaranteed film safety under normal conditions for about 750 years. However, in special storage conditions, providing low humidity and low temperature, in combination with a low oxygen content, the film will last up to 2 thousand years.

In one roll of film can accommodate up to 120 GBsoftware codes, and the first storage is designed for 200 plastic boxes with a film in rolls. Currently, the repository has already placed a film with the source codes of the Linux and Android OS. The storage capacity on Svalbard is enough to host all YouTube content. This repository will be the first of many such objects that GitHub creates all over the planet.

Interestingly, during a tour of the facility,A California wife called the director of GitHub and said that their house was destroyed by forest fires, which was another argument in favor of the need to create such storages.