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Archaeologists have studied the ruins of a mysterious African city, which you hardly know

The history of mankind is full of various eventsand scientists still do not know exactly the fate of many ancient civilizations. However, recently archaeologists managed to solve the mystery of mysterious statues located on the so-called Easter Island. It turned out that the locals really believed in the supernatural power of stone people and erected them in places where crops were grown. But did you know that even more mysterious civilizations existed in the world, one of which is considered the African kingdom of Axum? You have hardly heard of it, but archaeologists managed to unearth the ruins of the capital back in 1906. However, it was possible to study the find relatively recently.

Excavations of the city of Beta Samati

According to the scientific publication LiveScience,German archaeologists found the ruins of the capital of the ancient kingdom of Axum at the beginning of the 20th century. The lost city, which was found in the African country of Ethiopia, was called Beta Samati. According to scientists, the kingdom was founded by representatives of little-studied African civilization and lasted from 80 to 825 AD. It was probably as powerful as Ancient Rome, but due to the unstable political situation in Africa, scientists for a long time were not able to thoroughly study the ancient kingdom. However, new details have recently become known.

The ruins of an ancient church

Mysterious civilization in Africa

The study of the ancient city engaged in Americanscientists led by archaeologist Michael Harrower. They already knew that the kingdom of Axum was the first among African states south of the Sahara desert, which began to mint its own coins and converted to Christianity. But they managed to find convincing evidence of these statements - the remains of an ancient church were excavated in the territory of the city of Beta Samati. It is believed that it was built some time later, when Axum converted to Christianity.

Artifacts found inside a religious building

Archaeologists previously managed to find religiousbuildings of the IV century, however, valuable artifacts were rarely found inside them. And in this case, archaeologists were very lucky because they managed to find a well-preserved pendant, coins, figurines and vessels for transporting wine. This society is not as well known as the history of Ancient Rome, but the kingdom of Axum was indeed very powerful. It is known that she was a trading partner of the Roman Empire and other states.

Coins from the time of the kingdom of Axum

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Gold ring found inside the church witha gemstone carnelian may have been made in ancient Rome. This, at least, is evidenced by traces of Roman techniques for making jewelry. However, the craftsmen from Axum also made efforts to make the jewelry, because the stone was engraved with a bull and a vine.

Engraved Bull and Vine Ring

According to Michael Harrower, the discovery of suchvaluable items inside the religious building suggests that its owners had access to luxury and were close to commercial relations. The coins found made it possible for archaeologists to understand at what time the church was built - this happened in the 4th century, during the reign of a king named Ezan. The oldest coin was bronze and decorated with Arabic symbols in the form of a crescent.

Also among the artifacts was found a pendant with the inscription "venerable." It is believed that he belonged to a priest

The discovery of Arab artifacts inspiredhistorians put forward the hypothesis that next to the kingdom of Axum, Islamic kingdoms began to arise after some time. Perhaps the cause of the death of a mysterious civilization was possible war with other nations, but to make sure of this, researchers will have to find even more artifacts and ancient documents.

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Researchers hope their future workwill attract the attention of tourists. They agree that at the moment very few people know about the ancient kingdom of Axum. However, in their opinion, people miss a lot - there are many interesting places in Ethiopia, surrounded by mysterious stories and decorated with beautiful landscapes.

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