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Archaeologists have found the oldest wooden object built by man

From time to time, archaeologists make importantdiscoveries are not purposeful, but completely by accident. For example, in 2019, scientists managed to find the ruins of a huge Israeli city of ancient times in a completely unexpected place for him, during the construction of the highway. Roughly the same thing happened a year earlier in the Czech city of Ostrov, where during the construction of another road for cars, builders found the remains of a very ancient-looking well. It looked like a box of rotten wood sunken in the mud, but in the course of its study it turned out that the workers were dealing with one of the most ancient wooden structures ever made by human hands. But why do scientists consider this facility so old?

Archaeological discoveries are sometimes made in the most unexpected places

The find of archaeologists was told in the scientificJournal of Archaeological Science. The well was filled with mud, so it took scientists some time to remove it from the ground without damaging parts of the rotten wood. No evidence of any settlements was found near the well, so scientists suggested that it stood separately and could be used by representatives of several peoples at once.

An old well looks like a rotten wood box

The oldest well in history found in Czech Republic

According to archaeologists, the well was made fromfour oak logs and wooden planks located between them. It had the shape of a small square of 80 by 80 centimeters, and the length was 1.4 meters. Half of the structure, like all similar wells, went underground, but despite the high humidity, the wood was pretty well preserved. The good condition of the wood even allowed scientists to discern traces of stone tools that ancient builders used to polish the edges of the structure.

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That the well found may be the mostan ancient wooden structure, scientists have learned through dendrochronological analysis. The term dendrochronology is understood to mean methods for calculating the age of wooden structures based on tree rings of wood. By their number and thickness, it is possible not only to find out the approximate age of the tree, but also the climatic conditions under which it grew.

Fragments of an old well

So, counting the number of rings usedduring the construction of a well of oak logs, archaeologists have found that they were cut down about 7275 years ago. According to one of the authors of the scientific work, Yaroslav Peshka, this means that felled trees grew around 5255 BC. Traces of stone tools were discovered on the well, so scientists were surprised that ancient people could build fairly neat structures using such primitive technologies.

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Researchers noticed that two oak logsnoticeably older than the rest. This can be explained by the fact that earlier they were parts of a house and were subsequently borrowed to create a well. Although, it may be that the well was repaired at some time and the builders strengthened it using logs from younger trees.

It is worth noting that similar wells of the ancienttimes scientists have found before. For example, today in Europe there are at least 40 such structures, but scientists doubt that they were so ancient. Yes, the wells in the Hungarian cities of Schaiosentpeter and Titzakurt are, judging by the results of some studies, much older. However, dendrochronological analysis, which gives the most accurate results, was not used to determine their age.