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Archaeologists have found the largest and most ancient construction of the Mayan civilization

In North America, there is the country of Mexico, and in it -state of tabasco. If you suddenly found yourself in the territory of this state and decided to take a walk through its expanses, you would walk along many lowlands and hills. At the same time, you, like the locals, would not even suspect that you were walking along the largest and most ancient construction of the Mayan civilization. It turns out that for many millennia under the feet of the inhabitants of Mexico was a valuable historical monument with a length of about 1.5 kilometers. It was not hidden in the jungle and many people walked on its surface, but it was difficult to detect due to its enormous size. Having discovered the structure during an aerial survey of the territory, archaeologists were surprised at how much the architectural skills of the ancient peoples were developed.

A new discovery proves the existence of amazing knowledge and skills in Mayan civilization

Ancient buildings

According to the science journal Nature, foundthe construction, archaeologists gave the name Aguada Fenix ​​(Aguada Fenix). It is a rectangular platform with a length of 1413 meters and a width of 399 meters. The height of the structure is different everywhere and ranges from 10 to 15 meters. According to archaeologist Takeshi Inomata, the site is not in the jungle, but in a rather lively place. But, due to its plane and enormous size, it even looks down upon itself as something created by nature. Any person who walked along the construction of the Aguada Phoenix just felt that he was climbing a hill.

Aguada Phoenix in reality and in the form of a 3D model

Besides this earthen rectangle, in the stateTabasco also found about 20 such structures. No matter how amazing they are, the Aguada Phoenix is ​​still the largest of them. During the excavations, archaeologists found that once upon a time at least nine roads led to the platform. Nearby were reservoirs and other smaller rectangular structures, on which various rituals were probably held.

Representatives of the Mayan civilization really had a lot of rituals. The process used a variety of artifacts, which I talked about in this material.

According to archaeologists, the Aguada Phoenix platformwas built by the Mayan civilization in 1000-800 BC. It turns out that it is one of the most ancient structures built on the territory of modern Mexico. 50 kilometers from the city of Mexico City is the ancient city of Teotihuacan, the most important structure of which is the so-called Pyramid of the Sun. Its height reaches 64 meters, but even its construction dates back to the year 200 AD - in comparison with the Mayan structure, the pyramid is very young.

Pyramid of the Sun in the ancient city of Teotihuacan

Who was involved in the construction of the Aguada Phoenix,archaeologists are still unknown. However, thousands of people were clearly involved in this process. There is no evidence that they were forced to work, at least no skeletons with signs of violence in the territory have been found. Most likely, the construction was erected on a voluntary basis and no one forced anyone.

It looks like part of the same "Great White Road"

At the moment, historians know a lotinteresting facts about the Mayans. In May 2019, scientists even managed to find out which profession brought its representatives the greatest profit. But events like the discovery of the 1.5-kilometer Aguada Phoenix platform are amazing. Apparently, Maya civilization had a very long and rich history. Otherwise, how to explain such an abundance of the most diverse discoveries related to their culture?

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