Archaeologists have found the bag of an ancient shaman - what's inside?

Thousands of years ago, shamans occupied a very importantposition in society. People truly believed that it was these people who could go into trance, communicate with spirits, influence the weather and cure people of diseases. Of course, the shamans had a lot of tools and potions that helped them in conducting various ceremonies. It was they who were recently found by archaeologists in the dry valley of the River Sora in southwestern Bolivia - researchers carefully studied the bag of an ancient shaman and made interesting discoveries.

Mass spectrometry showed that agefound leather bags reaches 1000 years. Most likely, the shaman was closely associated with the Tiwanaku civilization, whose political center was located 15 kilometers from the southern shore of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. Inside the bag were found a bag of fox-skin, wooden snuff boxes and pipes.

Researchers have carefully studied the insidewool bag and found traces of psychotropic substances in it. As is known, various decoctions were used by shamans for “communicating with spirits” - judging by the number of available ingredients, the owner of the bag knew a lot of recipes. In particular, he could have known the composition of a particular shamanic broth, which consisted of two plants, which gave a psychotropic effect only when interacting with each other.

Interestingly, these plants do not grow in thisBolivia, therefore, archaeologists have put forward two versions of their origin. Probably, they could have been collected by a shaman by hand, and in this case it was assumed that he was a traveler and crossed many kilometers. It is also quite possible that he bought plants from merchants, which indicates that the trade routes developed at that time. Which of these assumptions is true, the researchers are not yet clear.

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