Arcade - Apple gaming service without donations and ads (2 photos + video)

Last month, Apple announcedcreating a gaming platform with the most popular games running under iOS. The Arcade service will allow gamers to access the best video games for an ordinary subscription and play without viewing annoying ads, as well as paying for additional services. In addition, special bonus offers will be provided for players.

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Apple plans are already supported by leadingvideo game companies such as Disney, Sega, Lego, Konami, WayForward and Klei. The possibility of releasing exclusive games for the Arcade platform is being studied. Developers who will not release Android games and collaborate with other platforms will receive additional bonuses from Apple.

According to some reports, the cost of Apple for the development of the service amounted to $ 500 million. During the launch of Arcade, scheduled for autumn 2019, the platform will feature the first 100 games.