Apple's market share in TWS earphones is declining, but the company is still the leader in this segment

According to the research company Strategy Analytics, sales of TWS headphones this year and next year will be

grow.The market leader is Apple despite the fact that its market share is consistently declining. It is noted that all the leading suppliers of the segment are facing a decrease in their market share in the TWS headphones market. The decline is recorded by Xiaomi and Samsung, as well as OPPO and JBL. In the second quarter of this year, total shipments of smart audio devices totaled 98.1 million units, down 1.7% from the same period a year earlier, according to research firm Canalys. It is emphasized that the decline was recorded in the largest markets - in the US by 1%, in China by 13%. The only market showing growth was India, where sales increased by 55%. In this volume of intelligent audio devices, the main share was occupied by TWS headphones, they were sold 63 million devices.