Apple WWDC 2022 - new MacBooks, iOS 16, Watch OS 9 and other announcements


One of the frequent questions that I was asked in the last days before WWDC: will we have new versions of iOS

Or will everything be canceled for us?Or, as an option, and after all, new items will not be brought to Russia, why look at someone else's splendor. I think that the answer is not always what they expected to hear from me. Parallel import will bring everything that is possible. Apple will update the software, because otherwise sales will fall completely to zero. Another thing is that the pieces of iron will be damn expensive, and even the lack of a guarantee, and with closed borders, it’s no longer possible to hit the road somewhere in one day to fix them. There is something to think about.

Developer presentation, but historically itaimed at ordinary buyers, this is an old chip from Apple. This time they tried to turn the presentation into a movie show, the Apple campus was animated in the style of a spaceship, Craig Federighi, senior vice president in charge of software, moved around it. Almost two hours of presentation, there was no special drive, but I made some curious observations, and they assured me that the crisis is growing even stronger than before. But first things first. I want to make a reservation right away that I am not interested in expounding the interlinear, I will omit something unimportant, but I will focus on noticeable things. In the end, those who wish can watch the entire presentation on their own and draw conclusions about what they like and what they don't. Right there - about the direction of development, about where Apple is wandering.

Table of Contents

  • iOS 16 - Android has never been copied so carefully
  • Next generation MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 with M2 processor
  • iPhone 13 Pro as a laptop webcam
  • Short conclusion

iOS 16 - Android has never been copied so carefully

Perhaps, talking about iOS 16, in the companymade a huge emphasis on the chips in the design, to a lesser extent on something that changes the functionality of devices. You can customize the lock screen using widgets, choose different screens for work and home. In a word, complete freedom, and here the main thing that you de facto get is desktops like in Android, but on the lock screen (to some extent, approximation, but distant).

The first feeling that Apple turned on the vacuum cleaner andthey began to collect everything from the market that they just saw, and it is not deceptive, the company is trying to adopt the best practices, since there are no fundamental changes in the systems. Every year they become more convenient, various chips appear, but there are few fundamental differences. It is impossible to say that year by year we get something like that. You can live without new features easily, and they are not an incentive to buy new devices.


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Notifications can now be minimized, not take up the whole screen, but you can expand them!

I liked the “live” widgets (Live Activities),they display on the screen how long the Uber car is still driving to you, in the sports widget - the result of the match and the like. As far as I'm concerned, it's convenient.

For the "Focus" function, you can set filters, as well as group events. Pleasant rubbish.

In “Messages” you can now fix alreadysent message, cancel it and delete it from the recipient, and also mark it as unread. In a word, the chips familiar from messengers have reached Apple.

Dictation has become a little better, Apple proudly announcedthat monthly voice gain 18 billion times. The figure makes an impression only at first glance, for the number of Apple devices that are around the world, this is very insignificant. And it shows that people still prefer to write text on the keyboard rather than dictate it. I'm pretty sure that dictation is mostly used in the car.

For America, changes in Wallet are relevant, herenow you can keep your driver's license (not in all states). But the main thing is that to confirm your age in certain applications, your exact date of birth is not shown, but only that you are over 21 years old. It may be that the fight for privacy is important, but, in my opinion, the function is very far-fetched.

By default, you can get a loan for purchasesfrom Apple, the company receives money from the seller. Your payment is divided into four equal parts, you pay within six weeks. An excellent demonstration of the fact that such services are in great demand, people live on credit.

Apple Maps has drawn Las Vegas, and soon a dozen more American cities will also be drawn.

Of the pleasant and useful innovations - you canmake a complex route, add up to 15 stops. What's more, you can create a route on your computer and transfer it to your phone. Convenient for couriers or those who are exploring another city as a tourist.

I was very pleased that Apple touched on the topicabuse and similar relationships. For victims of abusers (I’m laughing out loud to myself, since, of course, there is a problem, but it used to be called differently), a privacy mode was provided. You can revoke all permissions from other people, they will not be able to see your geolocation, access your messages, and the like. Healthy? Maybe. But it seems that the story is also, to put it mildly, far-fetched. You know, in some ways it reminded the period of the decline of Rome, when the level of problems did not correspond to reality, and here it is.

For WatchOS 9, the main thing is four new watch faces, they are fun.

Sleep phase tracking also appeared (surprised thatthey weren’t there before, but, by the way, here, as always, Apple is catching up in life), during training, tracking of heart rate zones appeared (it wasn’t there either, it’s like that!), And you also calculate the power expended on sports (Power parameter) . Curious, but nothing more.

It is possible to share the library in iCloudpictures with five different people, and everyone will be able to edit them, for example, apply filters. During shooting, you can immediately choose where the pictures will go, to a private or to a shared library. It sounds complicated, it looks complicated, I don't think this story is interesting for many people. But you need to try in practice.

Concluding the story about iOS and software from Apple, I want tonote that no miracles happened. Beautiful pictures, new modes of operation, something is appropriate, something is puzzling. There are no revolutions, and they are not needed. People will put a new version, but they will not see any special differences, they will use exactly the same as usual.

Next generation MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 with M2 processor

It is expected that Apple showed a new generation of processor - M2. Even better, even faster, wins over everyone. Were there any doubts that this would happen?

Well done at Apple, thanks to them ARM architecturecame to computers and is actively developing, and that's good. Apple's solutions are not without pitfalls, but other things being equal, they give good performance in certain tasks, and most importantly, machines work on them for a long time.


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Apple has updated the line of MacBook Air, newdevices turned out with brighter screens, a new processor, improved sound and a lot of little things. In general, it turned out to be a good price / quality ratio, although you should always remember that Air is a budget laptop, albeit from Apple. Its margin of safety is less than that of the "bugs".

But the MacBook Pro turned out to be curious, model 13inches, will attract the attention of those who are looking for a computer for years to come. They promise to start selling in a month, but, like the first model, they will be in short supply - production is lagging behind demand, and this will also work out that way.

I will not focus on these machines, I will only say that they turned out to be quite good at first glance, the prices are quite in today's market (they are sad). Nice update to the line.

iPhone 13 Pro as a laptop webcam

Honestly, I did not expect such a flightthoughts. Instead of installing a normal front camera in laptops, Apple did something special for the Pro version, namely, they added the ability to mount a smartphone (also only Pro) on a magnet and use it as a camera.

It looks very strange.The connection is wireless, the picture, of course, will be excellent. But this is for those who sit in the Apple ecosystem, and one more reason to stay in it. A wide-angle camera can show the space in front of you, that is, what you are doing with your hands. Perhaps someone will like this. I have mixed feelings about this function, it is at least strange.

Short conclusion

The main idea that Apple is trying to promote islooks simple, it is the integration of different products. For example, the iPad Pro can act as a screen showing color correction on other Apple devices.

Using the iPhone as a webcam exactlyfrom the same area. The company is looking for an opportunity to get a loyal audience with money to fork out for different devices, use them together. This strategy suggests that Apple is moving into a mode of defending its market share. As part of the crisis, this is a necessity, the purchasing power of people all over the planet is declining, and, therefore, it is necessary to milk the audience that can afford to buy a complete set from Apple - iPhone Pro, headphones with the same prefix, watches, iPad, MacBook and a little more loose accessories. Total spend on all this magnificence from 5 to 10 thousand dollars, depending on the selected devices. Luxury brand without any discounts. And within the framework of the current crisis, it will not be in demand as before. Hence the binding of some devices to others, and deliberately emphasized so that other people immediately see the owners of such devices. I attached the iPhone to the laptop - it is immediately clear that you have an expensive laptop and a Pro-model. A society without color differentiation of pants is simply doomed.

The presentation did not bring any emotions, toUnfortunately, everything is expected and not very interesting. It is only interesting that almost before the presentation, Biden declared a state of emergency in the United States, power outages are possible. And these two events are superimposed on each other in the best possible way. The WWDC conference, where expensive pieces of iron were shown, and the emergency situation, which is dictated by the lack of energy and a multiple increase in its cost. A feast during the plague, there is no other way to describe it.

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