Apple won't use a butterfly keyboard on a MacBook

For computer and laptop users importantfactor is convenience and comfort when working. However, the “butterfly” mechanism introduced in 2015 in MacBook Pro laptops causes frequent complaints, despite improvements constantly made by engineers.

Analyst predictor Min-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) claims that Apple may switch to another keyboard mechanism used in the MacBook later this year.

The keyboard with a butterfly mechanism has extremely low protection from debris and dust, which, if they enter inward, reduce the sensitivity of the keys, lead to their "burning" or even a complete failure in work.

Apple has received numerous legalClaims for unstable keyboard operation. Therefore, in order to prevent further costs, Apple has opened a special program for free repair of affected keyboards. The introduction of special protective membranes also did not improve the situation.

According to the information available to Min-Chi Kuo, the newThe keyboard will have a scissor mechanism, be made of more reliable fiberglass and at the same time its cost will be lower than that of the ill-fated “butterfly”.

Already this year, the MacBook Air will come out with an updated keyboard, and in 2020 it will receive a MacBook Pro.

Source: 9to5mac