Apple will switch to chips manufactured using 5nm technology (3 photos)

In early 2019, Taiwan SemiconductorManufacturing Company (TSMC), one of the leading manufacturers of microchips in the world and the main supplier of Apple, announced its intention to switch to 5-nm technology in the production of microprocessors. To date, this goal has been achieved, and TSMC will be able to produce 5-nm A-series chips for the 2020 iPhone.

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TSMC Announces Full Completioncreating a design infrastructure that will allow Apple to develop its own chips based on 5nm technology. TSMC will provide Apple with all the necessary technology files, tools and design kits (PDKs) for new processors that can work effectively with 5G networks and artificial intelligence.

According to the developers, the density of componentson chips manufactured using 5nm technology, 1.8 times more than on chips manufactured using modern 7nm technology. This will provide a significant increase in data processing speed and reduce energy consumption.

Currently, the demand for computingpower is growing exponentially and the use of 5-nanometer technology TSMC can meet the needs of developers of modern gadgets designed to work with artificial intelligence and 5G-networks.