Apple will start producing its own screens in 2024

Apple plans to start using its own displays in mobile devices as early as 2024 to

reduce your dependence on technologypartners such as Samsung and LG, according to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman. The company plans to start by replacing the display from OLED to microLED on the Apple Watch by the end of next year. This project at Apple is led by Wei Chen, who leads the Apple Display Technology Group in Johnny Srouji's Hardware Technology Division. The company has already begun testing microLED displays in the Apple Watch Ultra. Compared to the current Apple Watch, next-gen displays deliver brighter, more saturated colors and better viewing from an angle, according to Gurman. According to people who have seen them, the displays make content look like it's been drawn on top of glass.

MicroLED displays will be Apple's first screenscompletely developed in-house. The company currently purchases screens from a number of manufacturers, including Japan Display Inc. , Sharp Corp. and BOE Technology Group Co. as well as Samsung and LG. Work, codenamed T159, kicked off around 2018, with Apple aiming to begin the transition to microLED screens as early as 2020, according to a Bloomberg analyst. But the project has stalled due to high costs and technical problems, say people involved in the work. Apple initially aimed to bring this technology to larger displays, but instead has focused on its own smartwatches for now, which have screens around two inches in size. At the same time, according to some project participants, Apple's goal for 2024 could potentially shift to 2025.

Photo courtesy of Bloomberg