Apple will begin to use its own ARM processors in 2021

Experts actively discuss future transitionApple's Mac desktop systems using ARM proprietary processors. Since 2006, Intel’s chips have been used in the company's desktop and mobile devices. However, according to market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has repeatedly used his informants from the Apple supply chain to provide an accurate forecast, the high-tech giant can accelerate the schedule for switching to branded processors and expand the scale of their implementation.

Analyst in his post last monthstated that the Macbook in which Apple's proprietary ARM chip will be installed will hit the market in 12 to 18 months. In a new post, Min-Chi Kuo claims that already in 2021, Apple will launch new Macs with ARM processors for desktops and laptops.

Implementation of native ARM processors designed toreplace x86 models of chips from Intel stimulates Apple's competitiveness, reduce chip manufacturing costs by 40-60% and increase the company's independence from third-party suppliers, in particular Intel.
The main advantage of ARM processors overx86-chips is a high energy efficiency. Meanwhile, mobile chips are often inferior to desktop processors in performance. However, experts argue that the potential capabilities of the ARM cores of modern processors are already redundant for mobile systems.

Therefore, the appearance on the market of one-pieceThe iMac computer, whose hardware will use the capabilities of high-performance ARM active cooling processors, is a matter of time. A vivid example of the introduction of mobile chips into desktop systems has already become Always Connected PC with an ARM processor from Qualcomm and the Windows 10 operating system. Nevertheless, one of the problems of the computer is the high price of the device, which reduces competitiveness with models based on x86 chips.

Meanwhile, Apple has the opportunity,Using the deep integration of hardware and software systems, to bring to the market a completely competitive model. Experts put forward the assumption of the presentation of desktop systems on ARM processors already in 2021 at the next WWDC 2021 exhibition.

Source: Macrumors