Apple Watch and iPhone will teach to detect toxic substances in the air (3 photos)

US Patent and Trademark OfficeA new patent application from Apple has been published. It describes the use of mobile gadget sensors that detect the presence of hazardous substances in the air, for example, high levels of carbon dioxide or leakage of household gas.

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As noted in the patent, the technology "is able"detect sulfur oxide or nitrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, and a number of other gases that are hazardous to human health. The system is most likely to function in an Apple Watch or iPhone. True, you should not wait for the appearance of sensors in the next generations of smart watches and apple smartphones. Most likely, technologies are patented by a company with a reserve for the future. The presentation of the next generation of Apple is planned for the fall. And as they say, there will be no revolutionary changes in them again.