Apple wants to heat displays of flexible iPhones

Smartphones with flexible displays are very futuristic.and in some cases, possibly convenient. So far they are presented only in the format of concepts or devices intended for sale in very limited volumes. Apple has not yet announced its own device of this kind, but it works in this direction.

For example, in the base of the American patentThe USPTO has a description of the technology that allows the use of heaters and miniature sensors for screens. This may increase the shelf life of displays, the weak point of which may be the fold area. In particular - during the cold weather.

As noted in the document, the panel will heat upnot over the entire surface, namely in the fold area. The temperature can be increased by switching on the pixels in places where it is necessary, or by activating a heating element under the screen.

Rumor has it that the apple maker may announce its flexible smartphone as early as next year. True, this is still a big question.