Apple service repaired absolutely good MacBook Pro

Unusual situations happen even with the mosthighly professional companies. Apple service centers have been repairing it for a long time with its MacBook Pro 2018 by American photographer Greg Benz, who turned out to be fully functional. The main reason was the user settings of the computer, the inattention of the photographer and employees of Apple.

Beny encountered the following problem. When the power button was turned on, the laptop screen remained black, but the computer fan worked, and the Caps Lock button also showed operating status. After three warranty repairs, during which two replacements of motherboards were carried out, the user received a new MacBook. However, the problem repeated.

As a result, the photographer lost two weeks of hiking.Apple service centers, and the company spent about $ 10,000 on repairs. At the same time, the laptop was checked in diagnostic centers, and several “specialists” from Apple worked with them.
On the next trip to the Apple store, one ofemployees simply lit up the black screen of the MacBook with a flashlight from a smartphone. And the problem was solved. On an absolutely black screen, the user's avatar was viewed. It turned out that the screen brightness was completely disabled on the laptop.

A funny situation arose for a simple reason -the photographer himself completely turned off the screen brightness when an external monitor was connected, and at one fine point after rebooting, he forgot about it. Greg Benz made several conclusions from this funny story and sent his ideas to Apple so that the company could avoid the repetition of such situations.

The main problems, according to the forgetfulUser are as follows: the screen brightness when loading is the same as when the device is turned off, meanwhile the brightness control is available only after logging in. Also, all external monitors are turned off at the entrance to the system, and the external keyboard at this point can not control the brightness. Another disadvantage in the work of MacBook photographer considers turning off the keyboard backlight at the time of entry into the system.

It should be noted that on the website of the photographerThere was a message from his friend who has the same MacBook Pro, who tried to restart the laptop with the brightness turned to zero. He found that the screen lights up when loading. Thus, the problem of the photographer may lie in any other software settings.

Source: ubergizmo