Apple recalls old macbook pro

Apple has said it recalls old models.MacBook Pro laptops that have Retina screens. The fact is that they can overheat the battery, leading to fire. The manufacturer does not specify the reasons for the battery overheating.

According to the company, the problem concernsParts of devices sold from September 2015 to February 2017. You can find out if a particular notebook falls under this campaign of reviews by entering its serial number on the manufacturer’s technical support website.
As part of the campaign, Apple engineers will replace laptop batteries for free. Their owners need only to submit their gadgets to the manufacturer’s service center. Repair may take 1 to 2 weeks.

As stressed at Apple, the problem with batteries is notfor other laptops of this manufacturer, even sold at a specified time. However, in 2018, the company recalled a 14-inch MacBook Pro part due to battery problems. True, the threat to the safety of consumers was not mentioned then.

Source: theverge