Apple promises to provide detailed update information.

Last year, Competition and Markets Authority(CMA) from the UK has expressed concerns about consumer rights laws violated by Apple. Such an order was issued after it became clear that users do not receive a clear warning about the performance degradation of their smartphones and changes in battery parameters caused by the update.

Apple has now changedits policy and began to provide consumers with the necessary information. Now Apple is committed to reporting on the impact of updates on battery specifications and possible unplanned outages. In addition, in a public form will be discussed about how to increase battery life.

Providing such information will allowSmartphone owners can independently configure gadgets to work with maximum performance, as well as optimize power consumption, switching to a reduced consumption mode. Also, consumers will be able to replace the battery without repairing or sharing the iPhone.

Apple entered into an agreement with CMA and confirmed that it will fulfill all of the above requirements.