Apple presented the updated MacBook Air 2020 (5 photos)

Apple introduced an updated modelMacBook Air laptop, which developers position as the "most popular laptop in the world." The 2020 model significantly increased productivity, received double the amount of memory and the new Magic Keyboard. In addition, a 2020 Mac mini model was presented at the presentation.

The exterior design of the new MacBook Air has not changedcompared with last year’s model, however, the hardware received a significant update. Among the main problems that were solved by Apple engineers, is the return of the “scissor” mechanism for the keyboard, replacing the unsuccessful design of the “butterfly”. In 2019, the company abandoned the “butterfly” mechanism in the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and now engineers have returned to the traditional “scissor mechanism” in the MacBook Air.

The consumer will also be surprised at the new price.Apple policy. Planning to bring the updated MacBook Air to the market for $ 100 less than the 2019 model. From now on, the MacBook Air will be priced at just $ 999.

Other MacBook Air specsnot changed much. The True Tone screen of the laptop has a diagonal of 13.3 inches, a resolution of 2560x1600 and an aspect ratio of 16:10. The standard initial configuration of the laptop is characterized by hardware running on a Core i3 processor with frequencies in the range of 1.1-3.2 GHz. The top configuration will ship Core i7 processors with frequencies in the range of 1.2-3.8 GHz.

Company developers according to traditiondo not disclose processor models, but experts believe that laptops will use special 10th generation Amber Lake-Y processors. At the same time, experts suggest that already in the next lineup Apple will receive proprietary processors based on the ARM architecture.

The updated lineup providessupply of SSD drives of a larger volume than last year’s devices: 256 GB and 2 TB. Meanwhile, the amount of RAM remained unchanged: 8 or 16 GB, depending on the configuration.

Changes also did not affect autonomylaptops that can run on a single battery charge for about 11 hours while surfing the Internet through a browser or about 13 hours when watching a video. The shape and geometric dimensions of the case also remained unchanged: dimensions 304.1x212.4x16.1 (4.1 mm - minimum thickness) with a mass of 1.29 kg.

Past presentation featured and updated macmini with only one enhancement: doubled memory capacity. Now, for the base Mac mini model with a 256 GB SSD, you will have to pay $ 799, and the flagship device with 512 GB will cost Apple fans $ 1,099.

Source: Apple