Apple presentation results: iOS 13, iPadOS, MacPro and more

In California, San Jose ended the mostThe main annual event for Apple fans is WWDC 2019. The company presented its new software innovations, as well as the long-awaited new Mac Pro computer, which Web users have already given a funny nickname - “vegetable grater”. And there is a reason. The appearance of the novelty is similar to the classic form factor of a desktop PC, but with a design solution that makes it look like a kitchen grater on wheels. But first things first.

Announcement tvOS 13

The company began the presentation with the announcement of the operating system update for the Apple TV set-top box. Its main "chips" are as follows:

  • Now Apple TV will support severalusers. For each family member, the system will create unique collections of content. This will help make the Apple console more personalized;
  • The device now supports gamepads from the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 gaming consoles. Probably, in the future we can expect new gaming releases to appear on Apple TV;
  • Most likely, such innovations are connected with the active development of the Apple Arcade service, the release of which was promised to us this fall.

Announcement watchOS 6

At WWDC 2019, Apple showed a new WatchOS 6 operating system for its Apple Watch smart watch. Features:

  • A separate App Store, a bunch of fresh dials and classic applications from the iPhone have been added to the new version of the OS for watches: calculator, voice recorder, player for audio books, etc.;
  • Now Apple Watch can constantly analyzethe activity of his master and compare it with other periods. Analysis of physical activity will allow to find out whether it has decreased recently or, on the contrary, increased. Based on this, the user will be given advice, for example, to walk more at the end of the week or sit less often;
  • WatchOS 6 adds support for the function of constant listening to the user's environment. Apple Watch will track loud sounds (like music) and alert you to hearing hazards.

iOS 13

In addition to the new operating system for Apple Watch smart watches, the company introduced iOS 13. It focuses on optimization and speed. Key Features:

  • Face ID unlock will be 30% faster;
  • Work on the optimization of applications. Now they will occupy 50 percent less space, and their updates - 60 percent. The launch of applications will speed up twice;
  • iOS 13 offers a welcome dark theme. The entire interface and standard applications turn dark when Dark Mode is enabled. Thanks to this, all iPhones with OLED screens will henceforth consume less battery power;
  • In the digital keyboard added support for the set of "swipe";
  • Refined the standard applications "Reminders" and"Cards". The first appeared to automatically fill in the time, date and location of the created task, the second added support for panoramic images like Google Street View. True, the latter works so far only in the USA;
  • Another innovation is application authorization.and the web using an Apple ID, during which the user can hide his real email address. This will be a kind of substitute for "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Facebook";
  • Siri digital assistant received updated"Commands", a more natural voice and the ability to recognize the voices of different family members (through the HomePod column). In addition, it will be able to read incoming messages and transmit the user's response;
  • When sending photos via the AirDrop systemautomatically recognizes the people in the pictures and offers to transfer the picture to their iPhones nearby. In general, increased photo and video editing capabilities;
  • There was a "sharing" function, whichwill appeal to fans to listen to the same music. In real-time mode, you can stream music from your iPhone to the AirPods of a person who is nearby (of course, with his consent). To do this, just bring the phones to each other. Photos will be grouped by events according to the content. For example, on the birthday of a family member, you can see pictures from all previous similar events.

IPad OS Announcement

Apple Tablet has received its own operating system iPad OS. Her features:

  • Smaller interface. Now it's closer to what MacBook users see on the screen;
  • Reduced Apple Pencil latency when drawing from 20 milliseconds to 9 milliseconds;
  • The ability to fix widgets directly on the desktop;
  • The quick copy and paste function with three fingers. In the event of an error, you can quickly cancel;
  • Updated and improved multi-window mode;
  • Safari browser now works as a full-fledged desktop version. It has hot key support and a boot manager.

You can read more about which iPhone and iPad support iOS 13 and iPad OS from our colleagues on the website.

New MacOS 10.15 Catalina

  • The Catalyst technology has appeared, allowing developers to port applications from iPad to work on computers with MacOS;
  • iTunes is “broken” into three applications: Apple Music, Apple TV and Podcasts. In the podcasts application, a search by text appeared (machine learning recognizes the speech of the presenters);
  • Now iPad can be used as a second monitor or a graphics tablet for Mac. In the second case, you can manage MacOS applications with the Apple Pencil stylus;
  • Supports HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.
  • MacOS (and iOS) can now be controlled usingvoice control. The function will be especially necessary for people with disabilities. Using the voice, you can control the operation of the system (scroll, open and close applications) or, for example, send messages;
  • Find My Friends and Find My iPhone Applicationsmerged into one Find My application. With it, the lost device can be found even if it is turned off. Also in MacOS added support for remote computer lock in case of theft.

Apple introduced the new Mac Pro

The highlight of the presentation was the long-awaitedthe updated Mac Pro computer, which, as it turned out, has a rather specific design, for which he received the nickname "graters on wheels". In addition to the unusual appearance of its features are:

  • The 28-core Intel Xeon is used as the central processor (in the top configuration);
  • Memory support up to 1.5 TB (12 six-channel DIMM-slots);
  • New afterburner card for video editing. Capable of handling up to 6 billion pixels per second. At the same time, it is able to process three streams in the resolution of 8K or 12 in the resolution of 4K;
  • Configuration support of two is offered.AMD Radeon Pro Vega 2 or two Radeon Pro Vega 2 Duo video cards, which ultimately will give 128 GB of HBM2 video memory and the “most powerful video system in the world,” as the company points out;
  • All the good generated by such a systemIt is proposed to display a 32-inch display Pro Display XDR, equipped with 10-bit material, HDR support, anti-reflective coating. The native resolution of the Retina-screen is 6K (6016 x 3384 pixels);
  • Among other things: 2 USB-C / Thunderbolt 3, two USB-A, 8 PCI ports and - attention - 3.5-mm jack for connecting headphones!

The basic configuration of the new Mac Pro offeringAn 8-core Intel Xeon processor, 32 GB of RAM, a 256 GB SSD drive and a Radeon Pro 580X video card will cost 5999 US presidents. Another from $ 4999 will be asked for Pro Display XDR. On sale they can be found starting this fall.

We asked to comment on the results of the presentation of Apple and the novelties presented by it to the founder of the site, Mikhail Korolev, and also the editor-in-chief of the site Renat Grishin.

“Surprisingly, a very interesting presentation. Despite the fact that Apple usually does not show super-interesting products in June, this time we were shown MacPro and a new monitor. Of course, these things will not be affordable for an ordinary user, but how Apple can do TOP things is disturbing. iPad decided to give a new life, endowing with its own operating system - cool, maybe it will save this niche. The coolest thing I saw at the presentation was, as it is not surprising, Apple's attention to people with disabilities. The wheelchair-bound man spoke in voice with the iMac without problems. On the one hand, it looks like science fiction, on the other - it can not but admire what Apple thinks of such people. What didn’t like it: it’s completely incomprehensible why Apple pulls behind the ears of AR-VR themes that look completely unintelligible and incomprehensible. They are clearly not used in the form in which they show it to us, ”- Mikhail Korolev, founder of

Our editor in chief noted the following:

"The presentation turned out to be rich, but the programNew products were not as many as many expected. New iOS and MacOS received, rather, cosmetic improvements than dramatic changes. However, perhaps it is for the better. New MacPro pleased most. The most powerful computers today can boast a lower price than similar competitors. It seems to be an era when Apple - "it is always very expensive." Obviously, we are in for a very rich ending of summer and early autumn, when the company will launch its new services and update the current iPhone line with the new iOS 13 on board. ”

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