Apple outbid the AIRTAG trademark from a Russian company

Trademark ownership is strictly standards and may lead to multimillion-dollar lawsuits. Apple is about to launch a new device called the AirTag, designed to detect small items using an RFID tag that sticks onto the device.

However, such a brand is already registered in Russiaand abroad, the Russian company ISBC, specializing in RFID technologies, back in October 2018. However, later the rights to the brand were transferred to the GPS company Avion LLC, which is associated with Apple, which was registered in Delaware (USA).

ISBC has been specializing inproduction of compact trinkets equipped with RFID tags, the use of which was common in access control systems in offices, in production, in warehouses and other premises. Some Russian developers have even begun issuing apartment keys to newcomers, equipped with a key fob with an RFID tag. What is more important for the era of contactless payments is the ability to record a bank card data on the RFID tag with the ability to make payments.

The amount of the transaction was not disclosed, however, based onestimates that in 2022 the market for RFID devices will grow to $ 13.4 billion, it can be assumed that Apple had to fork out for the intellectual property of the Russian ISBC.

Source: rbc