Apple M1 processor outperforms Intel Core i7-11700K in PassMark single-threaded test (2 photos)

Introduced proprietary M1 processorsApple continues to be studied by experts. The first Apple chips based on the ARM architecture, using a 5nm process technology at TSMC's production facilities, were compared in single-threaded performance with Intel processors, recognized as leaders in PassMark tests.

Before the market launch of the M1 chip Apple on the resourcePassMark processors Intel Core i9-11900K and Intel Core i7-11700K took the first two places in single-threaded tests. However, the appearance of the M1 changed the position of the leaders. The Apple processor in the very first test came out on top, pushing the Intel Core i7-11700K to the third position.

Recall that the 8-core Apple M1 processorgot 4 high-performance Firestorm cores and 4 energy-efficient Icestorm cores. This architecture is similar to ARM DynamicIQ (successor to big.LITTLE) or Intel Lakefield hybrid technology. AMD has not yet created a similar solution for desktop processors.

PassMark single-threaded testThe Apple M1 scored 3550 points, while the Intel Core i7-11700K processor averaged 3542 points. Despite the fact that there is still insufficient testing for Apple chips and the victory over Intel is within the margin of error and does not exceed 0.2%, this result shows a trend and demonstrates the success of Apple engineers. There is no doubt that once Intel Rocket Lake-S processors enter the market, only Intel processors will be in the lead again.

To date, Apple M1 processors with smallpower consumption can only compete with desktop processors in single-threaded tests. In the competition on multi-threaded tests, the M1 has no chance, since Apple processors do not have technology similar to Hyper-Threading. The situation may change dramatically after the release of the next, more productive ARM series of Apple M1X chips.

Source: videocardz