Apple lured Samsung top manager to develop batteries (3 photos)

The next generation of mobile Apple devicescan switch to batteries developed by Apple. Experts have made such a conclusion on the basis of the fact that Suno An, a former top manager of LG and Samsung, is now working for the American manufacturer.

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First, a prominent specialist in the postVice President worked for 17 years in the company LG Chem, and in 2014 became the senior vice president in the Samsung SDI division. Both companies are developing batteries for smartphones, electric cars and other devices for the needs of their parent corporations, as well as third-party customers. Apple has already purchased SDI batteries from Samsung.

Most likely, Suny should headdivision of Apple, developing batteries for mobile gadgets. It is curious that the media previously reported on negotiations conducted by apple corporations with companies that produce cobalt. And this material is required for the production of batteries.