Apple is monitoring MacBook and iMac users

Release of a new version of the operating system macOS BigSur has made user spying even more effective, according to German cyber security expert Jeffrey Paul, who published the article "Your computer is not yours." The enthusiast revealed Apple's methods of tracking users, which have become even more effective with the release of a new version of macOS.

Jeffrey Paul stated that in the released versionmacOS, the system sends to Apple a hash (unique identifier) ​​of each program that the user activates on his device. Data is sent via the Internet and the server "sees" the user's IP address and the time at which the request was sent. At the same time, the request contains data about the date, computer, provider, city, country and also has a unique identifier (Application Hash) of the application.

This gives Apple information aboutthe user's movement, the frequency of opening applications and which programs the user opens. One of the main problems, the expert believes, is that these OCSP requests are sent in unencrypted form and go to a third-party company Akamai. At the same time, Jeffrey Paul recalls that Apple is a partner of the American military intelligence in the PRISM tracking program, which allows obtaining data without a warrant.

Source: sneak