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Apple iPad Review (2018) - The new iPad is almost not updated, but remains the king of tablets

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If there is the most reliable tablet in the world,then this is an iPad. The new Apple iPad (2018) of the sixth generation, also known as the 9.7-inch iPad, is already available at a starting price of $ 329 ($ 20,500). Apple says the device can be used in schools and schools. Given the stagnant nature of the tablet market, will the new iPad cause considerable interest among consumers?

  • Apple iPad Design (2018)
  • Stylus support
  • IPad Screen (2018)
  • Interface and functionality
  • CPU and memory
  • Connectivity and connections
  • Camera device
  • Multimedia tablet
  • Battery autonomy
  • Should I buy?
  • Apple iPad Design (2018)

    Apple adheres to a conservative solution for the new iPad. In fact, the novelty looks the same as the first several generations of the gadget - an aluminum case with bevelled edges.

    Given the premium design and cost, do not pick on the appearance. Apple iPad (2018) comes in three colors: gold, silver and gray.

    Volume control, power button, sensorlighting, speaker grille and TouchID button are located here as well as in previous versions. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack. Unlike the Pro version, although the novelty does not have a smart connector that would make it compatible with docking stations, keyboards and other devices available for the Pro line.

    Apple Pencil Stylus Support

    One of the important features of the new iPad isApple Pencil support, which was only available for iPad Pro. Its price is $ 99 ($ ​​6,000) for the main market and $ 89 ($ 5,500) for US schools.

    Using the Apple Pencil, students, for example,will be able to take notes, draw sketches or sign documents. But if you are not a student or do not work in a profession that involves using this stylus, the Apple Pencil will be an excellent companion and will add other interesting features to the tablet.

    Charges Apple Pencil in two ways. The first involves using the included adapter with Lightning connectors at both ends. The second is to connect the peripherals directly to the Lightning port on the iPad.

    One of the main problems Apple Pencil is the lack of a convenient way to store, which implies the purchase of an additional accessory.

    IPad Screen (2018)

    The display of the new Apple iPad (2018) hascharacteristics like the predecessor. In fact, the size and resolution of the screen are identical to the Pro version - the same 9.7-inch Retina IP display with LED backlighting and a resolution of 1536 × 2048 pixels.

    Given the price, this is not the most gorgeous screen,but it's great for reading, browsing the web and watching videos. The color rendition here is in cooler tones, since the white color has a blue tint. The visibility in the open air is decent, and the brightness is enough to view the contents in sunlight.

    The only thing where the sixth iPad differs from its predecessor is the support of the Apple Pencil pen, which has a higher accuracy than a regular stylus.

    Interface and functionality

    IPad (2018) works on the latest version of iOS 11.3. For those who used to use devices with iOS, the interface will seem familiar, but for beginners it will not be easy to get used to the gestures that are used for navigation.

    What I really appreciate in Apple tablets isthat applications are not only optimized for large screen sizes, but also for landscape mode support, while many Android tablets do not have this feature. In addition, the new iPad supports splitting the screen between the two applications.

    CPU and memory

    Under the hood of the Apple iPad (2018) isa modernized 4-core A10 Fusion processor with a clock speed of 2.3 GHz, which is installed on the iPhone 7. The tablet is fast and responsive. Apple tablet performance has always been consistently smooth - even since the release of the first iPad.

    In some cases, smallThe hangs are most likely software related. Tests show that the new device has the same computing power as the iPad Pro equipped with an A10X Fusion processor. In various games that I tested, the iPad (2018) shows good results and maintains a smooth frame rate.

    The new iPad comes in two versions: 32 GB or 128 GB of internal memory.

    Test results





    GFXBench Manhattan


    Basemark OS II


    Geekbench 4 (single core)


    Geekbench 4 (multi-core)


    Connectivity and connections

    The Apple iPad tablet (2018) comes with twoconnection options; Wi-Fi and combo: Wi-Fi + GPS + mobile connection. Both are equipped with a 2 × 2 MIMO Wi-Fi 802.11 module, a / b / g / n (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), as well as Bluetooth 4.2.

    A model with a cellular connection costs $ 130 (8,000 rubles) more expensive, which, in my opinion, is expensive.

    Apple iPad Camera (2018)

    IPad never had high quality photosand video, especially when it came to tablet cameras. The features of the iPad (2018) cameras are very similar to those in the Pro model: BSI 8-megapixel sensor with f / 2.4 lens and 1.2-megapixel front camera.

    The application is also no different fromprevious versions. Basic functions are available, such as photographing, video, square shots, slow motion and panorama. The only drawbacks of the application are that in order to change the video capture resolution, you need to exit the interface and enter the settings; there is also no continuous focus when shooting video.

    Photo quality

    Apple iPad main camera performance(2018) mediocre. With sufficient lighting, for example, on a sunny day or in a room with a lot of light, it reproduces decent pictures that can compete with most smartphones. Of course, they do not correspond to pictures from the iPhone, but for a tablet this is enough.

    Like most devices, photo qualityreduced in low light - the images are grainy. The colors are muffled to such an extent that it is simply impossible to discern the shades of the same color, and in brightly lit areas you cannot see part of the details.

    Video recording

    The new iPad records video at 1080p resolution at 30 FPS. With good lighting, the video quality is not bad, with low lighting noise appears.

    Multimedia tablet

    Apple iPad (2018) is an excellent media device - this isOne of the reasons why people buy iPads is that the new version is also a universal tool. Video files are played without problems, but there is one drawback - the aspect ratio of the display is 3: 2. When viewing the video in full screen mode, black bars appear at the top and bottom. This can be a problem for those who are used to watching the video on full screen.

    I am pleasantly impressed with the rich sound quality that the iPad (2018) reproduces using four speakers borrowed from the Pro model. I am also pleased with the presence of a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

    We have a lot of multimedia applications. Apple Music offers many artists, songs and albums to choose from. The application contains not only songs, but also a music video, this is a one-stop shop for all needs. If not enough, there are many other streaming apps that are optimized for the tablet.

    Apple iPad battery autonomy (2018)

    The battery of the new iPad provides excellent running time. In my test, from a full charge, the Apple tablet was able to last almost three days without recharging.

    However, there is one drawback. Using the included charger, it took almost 5 hours to reach 100% charge. And it is sad, especially in the era of fast charging. Charging speed here is 397 minutes.


    Apple iPad (2018) is one of the leastupdated Apple products. Unlike its predecessors. He received only two major changes - support for the Apple Pencil and A10 Fusion processor, which explains the low cost. But, despite such a minor upgrade, it is still the best universal tablet that you can get for the money.

    Of course, there are excellent tablets on Windows,Chrome or Android, but none of them compare with the performance of Apple devices, which makes it one of the best gadgets today. Yes, you have to spend an extra $ 99 (£ 6,000) on the Apple Pencil, but even without it, the new iPad doesn't get worse.

    Advantages of Apple iPad (2018)

    • Good build quality.
    • High performance.
    • Support for the Apple Pencil stylus.
    • A wide variety of applications.
    • Long battery life.

    IPad Disadvantages (2018)

    • Camera performance in low light.
    • Adequate battery charging time.

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