Apple iPad Pro will get another long-awaited feature (2 photos)

As reported by insiders, the new version of the operating system iOS 13 will be a long-awaited feature that will allow you to combine the iPad and Mac devices. But the good news does not end there.

According to the profile online edition of MacRumors,Apple will add another useful feature to iPad Pro tablets. With it, devices will be able to work with familiar computer mice. However, whether the support of wireless, wired or those and other options will be implemented is not specified. There are currently not so many versions of wired mice connected via USB Type-C on the market. Perhaps Apple and its partners will take care in time to increase the number of gadgets compatible with iPad Pro. Another nuance, the mouse cursor will be reflected on the screen not by a traditional arrow, as we are all used to, but by a circle, or a small dot.

When exactly the mouse support will appearApple's Pro-tablets are not reported, but there is an assumption that the innovation will be added to the iOS 13 update, which will be presented at the beginning of summer at the WWDC 2019 conference.