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Apple iPad mini 6 (2021) review: do you need a small and remote tablet


  • Specifications of Apple iPad mini 6 (2021)
  • Design and construction
  • Tablet screen
  • Additional functions
  • Component performance
  • Software
  • iPad mini 2021 cameras
  • Battery autonomy
  • Apple iPad Mini Alternatives (2021)
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  • Review of the Apple iPad mini (2021) tablet - video
  • The Apple iPad mini 6 (2021) tablet is the mosta significant update to the iPad mini line since the first generation, in 2012. A complete redesign has been carried out, the display has been enlarged, a powerful processor has been added and much more.

    Apple's path to the small tablet waslong enough. According to Steve Jobs, 7-inch tablets were not big enough and inconvenient when using tablet applications. In addition, having a smartphone reduces the need to purchase a small tablet.

    But there's a lot to be excited about this year for iPad mini fans, and there's certainly no reason to stick with the previous generation model.

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    Specifications of Apple iPad mini 6 (2021)

    • Operating system: iPadOS 15
    • Screen: 8.3 inches, IPS Liquid Retina, resolution 2266×1488 (326 ppi)
    • Processor: Apple A15 Bionic
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Internal memory: 64/256 GB
    • Sound: stereo speakers
    • Networks and connectivity: Wi-Fi 6, 5G, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C
    • Stylus: Apple Pencil (2nd generation)
    • Rear camera: 12MP wide-angle, ƒ/1.8 aperture, True Tone flash
    • Front camera: 12MP ultra wide, ƒ/2.4 aperture
    • Battery: 19.3 Wh, up to 10 hours
    • Colors: grey, pink, purple, silver
    • Dimensions and weight: 195.4 x 134.8 x 6.3mm, 293g
    • Price: From 46 thousand rubles.

    Design and construction

    From 2012 to 2021, five generations of mini-tablets from Apple were released. The design has stayed the same as the specs have improved, but the iPad mini 6 (2021) breaks that tradition.

    This year's model is similar to previous ones.Apple iPad Air and iPad Pro, which for the mini line means a complete redesign. The back panel and sides have taken on a more modern look, characteristic of premium iPad lines.

    There are four body colors to choose from -gray (space gray), pink (pink), purple (purple) and silver (starlight). All colors are quite muted, purple, for example, often looks gray. The updated Apple iPad mini 6 (2021) is still very light, weighing just 293 grams.

    There is a Touch ID button, like the iPad Air, although FaceID is not supported. This is most likely due to the cost and physical dimensions of the tablet. Touch ID works great, but iPhone 13 and iPad Pro owners who are accustomed to face unlock may find it inconvenient.

    Another feature that the iPad mini 6 lacks due to its size is the use of a trackpad or Magic Keyboard, as there is no Smart Connector.

    Volume buttons, predecessorlocated on the side, moved upstairs. This made room for the wireless charging of the Apple Pencil stylus. The purpose of the volume buttons automatically changes when you change the orientation from "portrait" to "landscape". The top button increases the volume and the bottom button decreases it.

    Tablet screen

    The Apple iPad mini (2021) features an 8.3-inch Retina LCD display. The predecessor could boast only 7.9 inches with a larger total area of ​​​​the device.

    It seems that the width of the frame around the screen in the iPadmini 6 is larger than the Pro and Air models, but it's not. Their width is the same, but the display itself is smaller, so the bezels seem comparatively wider. You can’t do without a frame at all, it minimizes the number of accidental touches of the screen while holding the tablet.

    The display has a resolution of 2266×1488 pixels, whichgives 326 pixels per inch. Although the screens of many other iPad models of the current generation have a density of only 264 PPI. The panel brightness level is lower than the iPad Pro, mini-LED technology is also absent. However, the image is crisp, and the P3 color gamut and True Tone make it more impressive.

    There is a pronounced effect of "jellyscrolling", especially noticeable when scrolling texts in portrait orientation. Apple claims that this is normal for liquid crystal displays. But, I would like to hope that over time the problem will, if not eliminated, become at least less noticeable.

    Additional functions

    The new iPad mini (2021) supports the second generation Apple Pencil. Although a more compact version, special for the mini line, was expected.

    But, you can use one stylus for severaldevices. The Apple iPad mini 6 also switched to a USB-C port, and now the iPad 9 is the only current model that still uses Lightning. The transition enables the connection of many accessories and provides data transfer rates up to 5 Gbps. This also means unifying the Apple charging standard for all high-end iPad models.

    Apple iPad mini (2021) Wi-Fi+ supports5G networks. Of course, these are not millimeter waves, as on the best iPhone models. However, you will still be able to use LTE in regions where it is available.

    Component performance

    Under the hood, the Apple iPad mini 6 has the same A15 Bionic chipset that was used in the latest iPhone line.

    Thanks to this, the sixth mini is available to allbenefits of iPadOS. The mini has a slightly slower clock speed than the iPhone 13 Pro. However, compared to the fifth generation, the 5-core CPU and 16-core Neural Engine on the same die increase performance by 40% and graphics by 60%.

    Of course, for most A15 Bionic usersis overkill in terms of performance. But having powerful hardware ensures that the tablet will support iPadOS and the demands of new apps for years to come.


    The Apple iPad mini 6 (2021) was not without flaws. Third-party developers have not yet had time to release updates to their applications and games for the new tablet size.

    In landscape mode, the edges of the screen displayblack letters. This is understandable, since the aspect ratio of the sixth mini has changed, which was not known before its announcement. But the problem also applies to all Apple Arcade games.

    Disadvantages include small iconsapps and widgets on the home screen. At the same time, there is enough free space on the screen. The setting partially saves, but it does not affect the size of the icons in the Dock. So if there are more than eight of them, then in portrait orientation the icons will be tiny.

    The on-screen keyboard of the iPad mini 6 (2021) is also inconvenient to use in landscape mode - it takes up half the screen.

    In multitasking mode, applications on the screenquickly becomes crowded. In landscape orientation, two applications somehow fit, occupying 50% of the entire screen, but with an increase in the number of applications or in the "portrait" Split Screen practically loses its meaning.

    Also, in iPadOS 15 on iPad mini 6, some apps (like Notes and Mail) don't support the three-column view we're used to on larger iPads.

    iPad mini 2021 cameras

    iPad mini 6 has a 12-megapixel wide-angle rear camera with pixel focusing and quad-LED True Tone flash.

    It provides quite a decent result, althoughno telephoto lens and no LiDAR. With good lighting, you will get beautiful photos with a fairly high level of detail. In low light or with flash, the image quality will be lower. But it still takes good photos thanks to the wide aperture and the new ISP in the A15 Bionic.

    But the front-facing FaceTime camera is excellent. The old 7MP lens has been replaced with an improved 12MP ultra-wide sensor. The sensor allows you to use the Center Stage function.

    Battery autonomy

    Apple claims that the iPad mini (2021) can last up to 10 hours on a single charge while constantly streaming video or surfing the web.

    Under normal conditions, battery lifemuch higher. During the day, I checked the news and email, worked using Safari, spent some time on Twitter, played a few Arcade games, watched a few YouTube videos, and finally read a couple of chapters of a book before bed. After that, I still had more than 40% of the charge.

    With such energy efficiency, you can expect the iPad mini 6 to easily last several days on a single charge, with not too heavy use.

    Apple iPad Mini Alternatives (2021)

    With top-notch hardware, the power of iPadOS, and App Store support, the Apple iPad mini 6 (2021) is second to none in its class.

    The main competitors of the iPad mini 6 are likely to bethe larger iPad 9 or iPad Air 4. When comparing tablets around 8 inches, Amazon's Fire HD 8 is the most popular choice. It's more affordable and is quite adequate for media streaming, although it's hopelessly underpowered.

    Another portable tablet - Samsung Galaxy TabA7 Lite with a slightly larger area at 8.7 inches. However, the screen resolution is smaller and the software can't compete with iPadOS.


    If you're looking for the smallest iPad, you've found it. The Apple iPad mini 6 (2021) is unmatched in build quality and ease of use.

    If you need a portable tablet and you are notsuits a plastic Android tablet, iPad mini is what you need. However, the price of perfection is quite high. Therefore, before buying, you should carefully consider whether it is worth switching to a small size.

    Despite the niche format, this is excellentthe device in almost every way: exceptional performance thanks to the A15 Bionic chip, a larger display, although the device itself is smaller, support for Apple Pencil 2, decent cameras, USB-C, 5G, and battery life that lasts for a day or more. And it all fits in your pocket.

    Worth buying

    You should buy an iPad mini 6 if:

  • You need a premium portable tablet.Apple dominates this market, and in the small tablet class, the iPad mini 6 simply has no competition thanks to its latest A15 Bionic chip and premium design.
  • You've been waiting for a major iPad mini update. After all, the 2021 model received a significant number of improvements. This makes it attractive to all mini-tablet lovers.
  • If you have a niche area that requires a high power portable device, the iPad mini 6 is for you.
  • Don't buy if

  • No free 46k or more to spend on a tablet or you're looking for an affordable small device.
  • Need a tablet for multitasking workflows. Although the iPad mini 6 is capable of multitasking, it's too small. The iPad Air and iPad Pro are much more suitable here.
  • You need a high end camera.While the iPad mini 6's cameras aren't bad, they aren't the best available. I advise you to get an iPad Pro with a dual camera and LiDAR or an iPhone 13 Pro for shooting on the go.
  • Yandex Market Review of the Apple iPad mini tablet (2021) - video

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