Apple invests in the production of micr-LED screens 330 million dollars (3 photos)

Leading high-tech companies activelyDevelop innovative technologies to make our smartphones and other mobile gadgets more convenient, energy-intensive and compact. According to journalists, in the near future, Apple will invest a third of a billion in the construction of a plant in Taiwan for the production of microLED screens, replacing the technologies of liquid crystal and OLED screens. Innovative displays will be used in promising models of Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook and others.

Study-oriented Ming-Chi Kuo AnalystApple’s future developments, previously suggested that already in 2020, the apple corporation will release devices (MacBook Pro, iMac Pro and iPad) that will use technology backlit screens on miniature LEDs (miniLED). According to the developers, miniLED is an intermediate technology before a full replacement for microLED technology, which will be the next stage in the development of screens for high-tech devices.

Like OLED, microLED uses a self-luminousLight-emitting diode. However, compared to OLED, the micro-LED supports higher brightness (almost 30 times), a wider dynamic range, wider color gamut, and also ensures ultra-fast refresh rate, wider viewing angle and lower (10 times ) power consumption. Prospective screens made using microLED technology are also more durable, as they are not prone to fading.

MicroLED Display Factory Construction Projectin Taiwan it will be implemented as an affiliate program of Apple, Epistar LED manufacturers and AU Optronics LCD panel manufacturer. Both Apple partners are Taiwanese companies. At present, the launch dates of the plant and the time for the first microLED screens to enter the market are not announced.

Source: mydrivers