Apple Introduces New Paid Customer Service

Apple is scheduled to release a new paidnews service. Most likely, it will be based on the existing service Apple News. Experts believe that the company wants to get as much money from users as possible for services that have so far been free.

The next decision managed to get negative fromPublishers: they are not satisfied with the terms of this service. The Washington Post and the New York Times do not like the conditions under which Apple will get about half of the service revenue, and the remaining amounts will be distributed among the publishers, taking into account the amount of time users spent reading certain articles.

It is not known how uniquewill be a new service, and how much will it cost a subscription. And also, that he will be able to offer, which is not the case with free analogues from competitors. Experts believe that the subscription will have to pay about $ 10 a month. And if we consider that, for example, only $ 6 must be paid for access to the Apple music library, this figure is quite high. So far, Apple News service officially works only in the USA, UK and Australia, and with the release of iOS 12.2, Canada will be added to the list.