Apple introduced the new Watch Series 8 watch with a built-in thermometer (3 photos)

At the next September presentation of Appleintroduced a new generation of watches - Apple Watch Series 8. One of the main features of the device was the appearance of a temperature measurement sensor. According to the company, the watch is equipped with two sensors at once: one on the back and one below the display. Thanks to this, the temperature measurement is even more accurate.

The company also said that the new Apple Watchwill be able to track temperature changes up to 0.1 °C. In this case, the check occurs every five seconds. The main application of the new feature is tracking ovulation cycles. This will be facilitated by including the measurement of body temperature during the night.

Apple also said that the Apple Watch Series 8 will be able to track users hit by an accident. The price for the GPS version is $399. For the option with a communication module, they will ask for $ 499 already.