Apple hired lead designer of ARM processors

Highly qualified specialists in moderntechnological sphere help to surpass competitors, to provide leadership in the release of new products. Apple was able to get the lead chip architecture developer for the British company ARM, Mike Filippo.

Currently, Apple has not announced in whichit is the project that involves the specialist, however it is known that Filippo worked at ARM on the Cortex-A76 processors and on the promising developments of Hercules and Zeus. He also designed the core architecture of Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A72.

The contract between Apple and Filippo was concluded in May2019 year. He currently works in Austin at a semiconductor product research center. Filippo's knowledge and experience can help Apple develop single-chip systems for watches, smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, and even Mac processors, as they use modified ARM cores.

Filippo may be helpful in developingApple mobile devices iPhone and iPad, as well as proprietary processors for Mac desktop computers, which have long been planning a transition from x86 architecture to ARM. Another area of ​​application of Filippo’s experience can be the development of processors for augmented reality headsets.

Source: engadget