Apple has allowed the use of non-original batteries in the iPhone

Journalists have at their disposal internalApple's documents, in accordance with which the manufacturer gives a guarantee to iPhone users who have independently replaced the battery using a third-party battery.

Now such devices will be no accepted by any authorized service centers and the Genius Bar (Apple Store online store departments that provide technical support for Apple gadget users). Until now, the manufacturer has strictly refused to serve those customers who have previously repaired their iPhone with the use of non-original components.

Most likely, the rules have softened onlyregarding batteries. Now, if the battery is not original, and the repair of the iPhone is not connected with it, an authorized service center will deal with the device on a general basis.

It is also reported that, if significantly damagedpower supply, no insulation pads or too much adhesive, the specialist can completely replace the smartphone at his own discretion. This service will cost the same as battery replacement.

Apple has already met users, allowingthey install on the iPhone displays from third-party manufacturers. The urgency of current changes is particularly increasing given the fact that, as was recently noted, battery replacement often significantly extends the life of a smartphone. Apple is probably trying to restore its reputation in this way after a scandal with a decline in the performance of older versions of the iPhone.