Apple fines for leaks about the new iPhone will reach $ 25 million (3 photos)

Nowadays, industrial espionage is one ofthe most serious problems of any large company. Especially if it is one of the world leaders in its field. Apple just falls into this category, and the corporation is extremely negative about leaks about any updates. Recently, however, there are only more of them. But in the future the situation may change.

The next generation iPhone is a great example. The official presentation of the models is planned for the autumn, and all those interested already know their main characteristics and design. Curiously, leaks began to appear on the Web a few months after the introduction of the iPhone XS last year.

Similar cases have been observed for a long time. So, 6 years ago, all the details of the iPhone 5c were merged. After that, Apple was created New Product Security Team - a unit specializing in such plums. His team is quite serious, it consists of agents of the FBI and the NSA, intelligence and military. However, they are not always able to prevent a large number of leaks. One of the most curious happened about two years ago. Workers then dug a tunnel directly in production. According to it, it was planned to carry out secret components from the factory territory. And five years ago, two workers secretly carried 180 corps to smartphones. The manufacturer would have to buy all of them on the black market.

And now Apple has developed tough measures tothe secrecy of iphone next year. The manufacturer has developed a set of special recommendations for suppliers. So, working computers can be used only within the boundaries of individual local networks. The use of cloud or public mail services is strictly prohibited. If the supplier leaks, it can be fined $ 25 million. To this amount will be added the expenses incurred to investigate the incident.