Apple explores palm identification

Technology development requires the introduction of newmethods of identification, which will provide additional protection. Apple has developed and obtained a patent for a new way of identifying the person using the palm of the user. The company's engineers are studying the technique of reliable “reading” of the pattern of capillary grooves and veins, which is useful for registering a new technique.

Palm reading technologyused in the patent is based on obtaining data by illuminating the palm of the hand with infrared illumination. Moreover, in the description of the patent it is indicated that the method takes into account the possibility of changing the configuration of the palm depending on the position of the hand. Therefore, strict position requirements will not be imposed on the position of the hand itself.

Using technology in smartphones will requiremaking changes to the design and technical capabilities of the monitor. The patent indicates the possibility of using complex identification using several methods: face and palm. When working with a smart watch, scanners can be placed in a strap.

Source: patentlyapple