Apple develops innovative technology to unlock gadgets (3 photos)

Despite constant criticism, AppleIt remains a leader in offering new technologies, which then spread to the entire electronic device market. The main goal pursued by the corporation is to increase the privacy and ease of use of its devices. So, thanks to Apple engineers, a fingerprint user identification technology has come to us, which is now used by almost all manufacturers of smartphones. The Face ID technology, which identifies the user by face, is also being actively implemented in mobile devices.

Recently, there was information that Appleregistered a patent for a new method of unlocking mobile devices. The technology uses an acoustic imaging system when scanning something on the surface. You can scan any object: from fingerprints to the ear, or the entire face of the user.

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The idea is to translate electricalsignals into mechanical energy. The reverse process is also available. The scanned surface of the face, ear or fingers can be digitized and represented by a sequence of electrical signals.

This technology, according to the developers,Significantly increase user security and privacy. For example, only the identified user will be able to see who the incoming call comes from. An additional bonus of technology will be the ability to collect information about the health of the user.

The patent application was filed back in 2016, but the registration took place quite recently. Technology elements may appear in the following iPhone models.