Apple Dedicates iOS 16.3 Update to Black History Month

Apple has announced that it will release a new iOS update next week, according to Gizmochina. tech giant

from Cupertino released iOS 16.2 last month.The upcoming update version is iOS 16.3. It will bring fixes and improvements, as well as exclusive content in honor of Black History Month. Recall that in the United States at this time, commemorative events are held dedicated to the fight against slavery, racism, and the contribution of African Americans to the cultural and political life of the country is also noted. The iOS update will add Black Unity wallpapers.

As for the rest of the improvements, iOS 16.3 will solve the problem of horizontal lines on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max display. The next version will also allow the use of physical security keys to secure the Apple ID - users will be able to set up a hardware device as a second factor to authenticate their accounts. Apple will also fix issues with the lock screen that prevented the widget from displaying the correct status of the Home app. The update will also add support for the recently released second generation HomePod along with a tutorial that instructs users on how to use the iPhone and HomePod compatible Handoff features.