Apple began selling a device for diabetics (4 photos)

Patients with diabetes should constantly and promptlycontrol blood sugar levels. Quick, simple and effective monitoring of the sugar level indicator can be carried out using One Drop devices offered at Apple Store brand stores.

High-tech blood glucose meter works togetherwith an iPhone or Apple Watch smart watch. The cost of mobile One Drop is $ 69.85. The kit includes: a device for blood sampling by piercing the skin (lancets), test strips, case and glucometer. Data transmission is carried out via Bluetooth, and the time for analysis is only 5 seconds. All received glucose measurement information is sent to the One Drop Mobile app installed on the iOS device. The software is capable of taking medications taken by the user into account and taking into account the menu to predict blood sugar levels in the next 8 hours.

In addition, information is displayed in the corporateHealth app. Thus, the data in “Health” concentrates data from all Apple electronic gadgets, which track indicators of the state of the body and physical activity of a person. Sources of information for the application are iPhone, iPad, smart watches, smart scales and other devices that can track pressure, sleep and power patterns.

Recently, the market has been extremely interested inmobile sensors to track the parameters of the body. The head of Apple Tim Cook himself in 2017 wears on his hand a mobile blood glucose meter, which works with the Apple Watch and measures the sugar level by an invasive method, that is, by tracking the state of the skin, blood vessels and sweating. Whether the device described by journalists described the novelty, Apple One Drop, is unknown.