Apple and Qualcomm reconciled in court, Intel stood aside (3 photos)

Completed one of the hardest "battles" in the field of high technology. The manufacturers Qualcomm and Apple have entered into a settlement agreement in court.

Experts believe that the reason for this was the intention of Intel to withdraw from the development of 5G-modems for smartphones and concentrate on computer technology and infrastructure.

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It is worth recalling that last year the companyIntel was the only supplier of 3G and 4G modems for the iPhone. The development of the mobile 5G-models was all over. Therefore, further Apple warfare against Qualcomm could lead Apple to lag behind competitors in terms of supporting 5G in the next generation iPhone. The apple producer had to agree to any terms of Qualcomm. Apple will pay for patent disputes, the company signed an agreement on the next patent products and the supply of chips for the iPad and iPhone for 6 years. The term of this agreement may be extended until April 2027.

Such optimistic news led to an increaseQualcomm shares more than 20%, the manufacturer’s market capitalization increased by about $ 14.5 billion. Apparently, this is a personal record of the company over the past 20 years. At the same time, Apple has become more expensive by less than one percent, while Intel shares have dropped sharply.