Apple AirTag tracker is useless in multi-storey buildings and in Russia (video)

Apple has been preparing for a long timethe introduction of branded trackers AirTag to the market, capable of tracking the location of items important to the user using the iPhone. Only two weeks have passed since the official presentation of the devices that provide the expansion of the Find My ecosystem, and picky bloggers have already published several critical reviews, which indicate the device's shortcomings.

At the first stage, experts paid attention to externalApple AirTag specifications, for example, indicated easily scratched surfaces on the device. However, upon a more detailed study of the technical capabilities, one of the bloggers noted the complete uselessness of the tracker for residents of multi-storey buildings. At the same time, there is no information on how this problem is solved in the devices of competitors, for example, Galaxy SmartTag from Samsung or Smart Tag from OPPO.

How Apple AirTag works istracking a key fob attached to a backpack, wallet or user keys using the Find My network or, in the case of an item located at a short distance, using the user's iPhone smartphone. Expert Ben Shin from the XDA resource noted that the application of such a principle for residents of skyscrapers may not bring the desired effect.

Experiment in a Hong Kong multi-story building whereresides Ben Sin, showed that the location of the tracker fixes its coordinates only on a flat map. AirTag detection will be effective only when the user is near the tracker, and his image will appear on the iPhone screen. In all other cases, the owner of the lost item, marked with AirTag, will receive a visualization of "flat coordinates" without reference to the number of storeys of the building. To find the lost thing, you will have to go through all the floors of a multi-storey building.

In fairness, it should be noted that not onlymulti-storey buildings reduce the functionality of AirTag. So, in Russia, where the 6 GHz frequency range of the U1 chip is used by the defense department, the Apple tracker gives only approximate coordinates without specifying the exact location of the lost item.