Apple decided to discourage artisanal repairs of new iPhones (4 photos)

More recently, iFixit experts have already evaluatedmaintainability of the new iPhone series and, using the example of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro smartphones that have already entered the market, assigned the devices a fairly high score - 6 out of 10. Almost all parts can be replaced, and the fastening of smartphone components is based on screw, rather than adhesive connections, which simplifies the repair.

However, with a deeper study of newsmartphones, experts have found one unusual feature that suggests that Apple plans to further tighten control of the repair process and create conditions for servicing smartphones exclusively in specialized service centers.

IFixit found that the iPhone camera12 when transferred to another smartphone iPhone 12, starts without problems, but when trying to use in real scenarios, it does not always work fine without switching to the ultra-wide camera, sometimes just freezing or ignoring the command to switch to a specific shooting mode. It turned out that when replacing the camera, now you need to go through authorization and run the proprietary Apple System Configuration application, which is available only in certified repair centers.

Discovered new restriction of freedomusers when choosing a repair service will lead to an even greater isolation of the entire Apple ecosystem. On the one hand, this will protect the user from unqualified third-party repair centers, and on the other hand, it will deprive iPhone owners of the opportunity to choose more affordable repair services.

В процессе работы с новыми смартфонами также было it was found out that authorization is also required when repairing or replacing the screen. In this case, the display will work without authorization, but the user will be warned that it is possible to use a non-original screen.

Source: ifixit