Apple introduced a miniature smart speaker HomePod mini (6 photos)

The long-awaited, second fall presentation of Appleunexpectedly began with the introduction of a new, compact modification of the HomePod mini smart speaker. The announced spherical speaker becomes a smaller version of the original HomePod speaker.

Similar to the base model, the Apple speakerHomePod mini is covered in acoustically transparent fabric, available in black or white. At the top of the speaker are the volume controls and a small display.

The spherical housing HomePod mini containsone main speaker, two passive radiators and an “acoustic waveguide” at the bottom of the speaker. The hardware part of the device is powered by the Apple S5 processor, which allows dynamic sound adjustment at a frequency of 180 times per second. Several HomePod mini speakers placed in the same room can be integrated into a single speaker system.

The U1 chip installed in the column is designed forImprovements to the Handoff function, which will be implemented by the end of 2020. Using Handoff allows you to continue listening to audio on another device. Also, according to Apple, support for Pandora, Amazon Music and iHeartRadio services will be implemented before the New Year, but the manufacturers kept silent about Spotify.

One of the most significant innovations wasIntercom function that allows users of speakers located in different rooms to conduct joint negotiations. It will also be possible to connect iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch to intercom communication. The Apple HomePod mini will pre-order from November 6 at a unique price of just $ 99. The column will go on retail sale from November 16.

Source: theverge